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Why photography is important today? Do you remember finding your parents' or grandparents' photos as a child? 

Suddenly everybody gathered and started gazing at the pictures even your parents. You started asking who are on those people and were amazed that Grandma and Grandma were young once. A small teardrop appeared in your parents' eyes when they revived the old memories. I have always admired the hundred years old pictures when our ancestor's everydays came to life. 

This is what I would like to give to you, your children, your parents and maybe once to your grandchildren as well.

For a good photo you don't have to pose for the camera. Just let me be there in the background, unnoticed, to show you who you really are.

I am one of the lucky ones who's passion is their profession. I loved photography since I was a child. We had an old, simple film camera and I tried capturing great photos with that. Later I have got a compact digital camera from my mother, that was, at least for me, high tech. A few years passed and I bought my first DSLR camera, because I wanted to bring out more of my pictures. From the beginning, I knew that I like capturing people and their special moments the most. Why? For me, telling a story of a family, a few days old baby, the first steps of a toddler, a special moment of a couple are the biggest wonders of the world.


I'd like to show what I can see on my pictures.

Please go and check my gallery and if you like my pictures, don't hesitate contacting me. 

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